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Exercising for better health in prostate cancer therapy

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Phil, Bob and Derek were invited to join a research study about how regular […]

Men have twice the death rate from hip fractures

Researchers at the University of Adelaide say they’re concerned about the findings of new research confirming that older men have […]

Men most at risk of osteoporosis least aware of its threat

The level of awareness among Australian men who at are most at risk of osteoporosis is ‘deeply concerning’ according to […]

Bridging the knowledge gap on bone diseases

Research at the University of Adelaide is offering new insights into how to prevent bone loss and regrow bone material, […]

Orthopaedic implant revision rate data

The 2014 annual report of the Australian Orthopaedic Association’s National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR) is now available on the AOANJRR website. The […]

Weak bones, weak bladders

It’s World Osteoporosis Day soon (Oct 20), and while most of us are aware of the impact of osteoporosis on […]

Specialist teamwork better for older hip fracture patients

Patients who undergo hip fracture surgery in hospitals that have an orthogeriatric service have an improved chance of surviving beyond […]

New ways to treat solid tumours

An international team of scientists has shown that an antibody against the protein EphA3, found in the micro-environment of solid […]
neck pain illustration

Physio Q/A: Text neck

Reader question: Dear VMC, My partner has what’s called ‘text neck’ – what does it actually mean and what can […]

Should athletes rethink the drink?

A new study led by Professor John Hawley from Australian Catholic University (ACU) demonstrates that alcohol consumption suppresses muscle rebuilding […]