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Reflux tablet could prevent 60,000 pregnancy deaths

An international collaboration led by the Translational Obstetrics Group (TOG) based at Mercy Hospital for Women has discovered a treatment […]

Is Acetaminophen Use When Pregnant Associated with Kids’ Behavioral Probl…

Using the common pain-relieving medication acetaminophen during pregnancy was associated with increased risk for multiple behavioural problems in children, according […]

Domestic violence signs in pregnant women

Women who suffer domestic violence during pregnancy are at an increased risk of post-natal depression and health professionals should know […]

Australian first in-utero spinal surgery

A team from Mater, in collaboration with a team from Vanderbilt University Hospital in the USA, are the first in […]

Too Much Folate in Pregnant Women Increases Risk for Autism

Women who plan on becoming pregnant are told they need enough of the nutrient folate to ensure proper neurodevelopment of […]

Genes that raise the chances of non-identical twins identified

Gene variants that increase by 29% a woman’s chance of giving birth to non-identical twins have been identified in a […]

New gene link for Motor Neurone Disease

Breakthrough in our understanding of MND will lead to a new genetic test for the fatal disorder.  Researchers at the […]

Revolutionising asthma management in pregnancy

Asthma is a major public health concern, affecting one in 10 Australian adults. While there is no cure, asthma can […]

Teenage mothers at greater risk of partner violence

Australian women having their first child as teenagers are at increased risk of experiencing domestic violence, according to new data […]

Managing Migraine during Pregnancy and Lactation

According to doctors at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, medications and treatments long considered safe to treat pregnant women with […]