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Conditions like back pain and arthritis must have global health response

International experts, led by Curtin University, are calling for global action from health authorities to address the huge burden of […]

Regular stretching shown to improve muscles in elderly

Daily muscle stretching could bring health benefits to elderly people with reduced mobility, according to new research published in The […]

Spare parts from small parts: novel scaffolds to grow muscle

The researchers have for the first time incorporated the natural processes of embryonic development to build a material that can […]

Yoga riskier than thought for causing body pain

Yoga causes musculoskeletal pain in 10% of people and exacerbates 21% of existing injuries, University of Sydney research shows. Published […]

Unravelling the genetic mystery behind mitochondrial disease

Mitochondrial disease is an illness that robs its sufferers of energy, and damages muscles and major organs like the brain […]

Medical scientists develop ‘game changing’ stem cell repair system

Stem cell therapies capable of regenerating any human tissue damaged by injury, disease or ageing could be available within a […]

More hospitalisations for musculoskeletal conditions

More Australians are being hospitalised from arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis and other musculoskeletal conditions, according to new information released by […]

3D cell growth opens new path to spinal repair

Griffith University researchers have opened a new avenue to advance a therapy to repair the paralysed spinal cord. A paper […]

Voltaren Emulgel

Generic Name: Diclofenac diethylammonium Product Name: Voltaren Emulgel Indication Voltaren Emulgel is a topical medication used for the short term […]

Multiple Sclerosis (Video)

Transcript Hello. I’m Dr Elizabeth McDonald, Rehabilitation Physician and Medical Director of Multiple Sclerosis Society Victoria and New South Wales. […]