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Loneliness, severe mental illness behind frequent calls to crisis helplines

People who regularly turn to telephone helpline services are more likely to require complex medical care and are often socially […]

Depression linked to Alzheimer’s disease

There is a strong link between symptoms of depression and cognitive decline, new research from Edith Cowan University has found. […]

Toxoplasma parasite’s greedy appetite may be its downfall

Researchers are a step closer to developing drug targets for Toxoplasmosis, after gaining insight into its unique feeding behaviour. Toxoplasma […]

Free QUT clinic uses exercise to combat post-traumatic stress disorder and depr…

With post-traumatic stress disorder affecting almost one million Australians every year, QUT Health Clinics and the White Cloud Foundation have […]
Psychologist talking to a depressed patient

New treatment for severe depression with far fewer side effects

Electroconvulsive therapy remains one of the most effective treatments for severe depression, but new UNSW research shows ultra-brief pulse stimulation […]
Psychologist talking to a depressed patient

Psychotherapy for depression: Dr Jan Resnick

Psychotherapy treatment for depression involves understanding the reasons for depression and work through feelings to prevent depression returning.

How St John’s Wort can make you sick

St John’s Wort can produce the same adverse reactions as antidepressants, and serious side effects can occur when the two […]

Search for depression biomarkers could improve diagnosis

Study to identify biomarkers for depression could lead to simpler diagnosis and more personalised treatments. Researchers at UOW have embarked […]

Is depression and back pain genetic?

If you suffer from depression and back pain odds are it’s down to your genes, suggests new research from the […]

Mood Food: Mediterranean diet linked to better mental health

UniSA researchers have discovered that a traditional Mediterranean style diet may do more than improve physical health; it may also […]