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New resource helps families assess childhood cancer clinical trials

UNSW medical researchers are developing a tool to support families who are deciding whether to enrol in a childhood cancer […]

Huge health benefits by cutting back sugar in sugary drinks

More than 150,000 Australian deaths could be prevented if the energy content of sugary drinks was cut by around a […]

Standard care for breast cancer trials not always standard

New research has found that some breast cancer trials are failing to provide appropriate control group treatments, affecting the outcomes […]

New software key to early cancer detection

A new algorithm that detects the early formation of blood vessels could lead to early diagnosis of malignant tumours and […]

Organo-metal compound seen killing cancer cells from inside

Researchers have witnessed – for the first time – cancer cells being targeted and destroyed from the inside, by an […]

Polymeric compound that can streamline the way we diagnose cancer

Professor Krasimir Vasilev and members of his team in the School of Engineering and Future Industries Institute at the University of South Australia were […]

How potential cancer-causing cells may be eliminated by our body

UniSA researchers at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB) have discovered a new aspect of cancer biology that may help to […]