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New screening tool to improve outcomes for kids with foetal alcohol spectrum di…

Foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) has often been called the ‘invisible disability’ due to its high rate of non- or […]

Babies with bronchiolitis benefit from new oxygen therapy

A new therapy to help infants with acute respiratory infection will prevent thousands of infants with bronchiolitis from requiring escalation […]

Proteins in breastmilk protect offspring against food allergy

Research published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine indicates that a mother’s diet can protect nursing newborns against food allergies. […]

Preterm babies’ lives saved by clamping umbilical cord later

Thousands of preterm babies could be saved by waiting 60 seconds before clamping the umbilical cord after birth instead of […]

Genetic sequencing of new virus affecting babies

Scientists have sequenced a new virus that affects babies, in an important first step towards combating the illness. Geelong scientists […]

Domestic violence signs in pregnant women

Women who suffer domestic violence during pregnancy are at an increased risk of post-natal depression and health professionals should know […]


Teratogenic means having the potential to cause congenital malformations (birth defects). Teratogenic substances that should not be consumed during pregnancy […]

Important Role of Insulin in Making Breast Milk

Why do so many mothers have difficulty making enough milk to breastfeed? A new study by scientists at Cincinnati Children’s […]
Woman breastfeeding

A mother’s genes can influence the bacteria in her baby’s gut

Researchers at UC Davis have found that a gene, which is not active in some mothers, produces a breast milk […]
sick girl in bed getting cough medication

Whooping cough: Dr Joe

Transcript Whooping cough is one of those childhood illnesses that we don’t see as much of as we used to, […]