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Common heart condition linked to sudden death

A University of Adelaide-led team of researchers has found a link between sudden cardiac death (when the heart suddenly stops […]
Heart beat on a blue screen

Most beneficial atrial fibrillation treatment

Patients who receive a specific form of treatment for the common heart condition known as atrial fibrillation have increased survival […]

Virtual population gets to heart of irregular beats

A ‘virtual population’ model calibrated from data of electrical activity of heart cells previously collected from 350 people will enable […]


Corbeton (oxprenolol hydrochloride) is used to lower high blood pressure (hypertension), manage angina, and treat an irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia).

Cordarone X

Cordarone X (amiodarone hydrochloride) is used to control a fast or irregular heartbeat (arrhythmia). It may be given as an injection or as tablets.


Generic Name: flecainide acetate Product Name: Flecatab Indication: What Flecatab is used for Flecatab is used to treat a heart […]


Generic Name: verapamil hydrochloride Product Name: Anpec Indication: What Anpec is used for Anpec tablets are used to treat: High […]


Generic Name: Sotalol hydrochloride Product Name: Sotahexal Indication: What Sotahexal is used for Sotolol is used to prevent and treat […]


Generic Name: Amiodarone hydrochloride Product Name: Amiodarone Sandoz Indication: What Amiodarone is used for Amiodarone Sandoz is used to control […]


Generic Name: atenolol Product Name: Tensig Indication: What Tensig is used for Tensig is used to: Lower high blood pressure, […]