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Leave the job at work to ensure better health and sleep

Feeling tired, sluggish and sleep-deprived? The culprit could be work-creep, according to new research from the University of South Australia. […]

Young adult stroke survivors struggling to return to work

New research has confirmed young adult stroke survivors are missing out on the support they need to return to work. The […]

Silica dust – the cancer risk tradies cannot see

Cancer Council Australia raises awareness of silica dust risk during Safe Work Month (October). With new estimates showing that over […]

Impact of workplace noise

During Hearing Awareness Week (20-26 August 2017), researcher Associate Professor Catherine McMahon, Head of Audiology at Macquarie University’s Australian Hearing […]

Managing mental health in workplaces

A new integrated approach to better manage mental health in Australian workplaces has been developed in a bid to help […]
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Work life balance

Work life balance refers to an individual's ability to balance the commitments, responsibilities and goals relating to their paid work, with personal commitments, responsibilities and desires.

Arc discharge and health

What is arc discharge? Who is at risk of UV exposure from arc discharge? Laws and regulations controlling the use […]
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Office ergonomics: Managing mental health

Risks to psychological health at work may arise from organisational or personal factors such as poor design of work and jobs, poor communication and interpersonal relationships, bullying or fatigue.