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Combating childhood obesity by preventing “fatty liver” in fetus

New research published in The Journal of Physiology indicates that an obese pregnant mother and exposure to a high fat, […]

The end of yo-yo dieting?

Scientists have discovered a molecular switch in the brain that regulates fat burning – and could provide a way to […]

Extreme weight loss techniques may be putting MMA fighters at risk

Mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes are potentially putting their health at risk by shedding almost 10kg in bodyweight in the […]

Tracking food intake on smartphone app impacted by day of week but not season

Dietary self-monitoring is a key component of successful behavioural weight loss interventions and is essential for facilitating other behaviour change […]

Is breakfast protein the secret to weight loss?

Eating more protein, especially at breakfast, could be the key to achieving healthy weight loss, according to a new report […]

Diet advice for the New Year

A new year often heralds the start of a new resolution to overcome the excesses of the festive season. Eating well […]

Child sexual abuse affects victim’s brain

A fresh look at neurobiological research shoots down any remaining myths that adult-child sex could be less harmful than claimed. […]

New computer model predicts your health from the shape of your face

An international study, led by researchers at Macquarie University, has developed a new computer model that can predict the status […]

Gen X, Y and Z: Obesity risk higher for younger generations

You are much more likely to be obese than your parents were when they were your age, according to a […]

Pre-diabetes discovery marks step towards precision medicine

Identification of three molecules that can be used to accurately assess pre-diabetes – a key predictor of conditions such as […]