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Psychosis Medication Adherence Rating Scale

This Psychosis Medication Adherence Rating helps you assess whether or not you are taking your psychosis medication as directed by your doctor. Taking your psychosis medication exactly as advised by your doctor is important for ensuring your treatment has an optimal effect. This...
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Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Calculate your BMI from your weight and height at the click of a button. BMI is a measure of body fat, which is used to determine whether you are a healthy weight, under or over weight. Because it takes into account both weight and height, it gives a better indication of whether...
Blood pressure

Blood Pressure Calculator

Find out your blood pressure (BP) risk category by entering your age, sex and most recent blood pressure measurement into the calculator. Based on the National Heart Foundation’s Guide to Management of Hypertension, the calculator assigns your BP measurement to one of seven...
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Pregnancy due date calculator

Calculate your pregnancy due date based on the date your last menstrual bleeding started. The calculator will use this information to determine when you got pregnant and when you can expect your new baby to enter the world.

Asthma score calculator

Calculate your asthma score to determine how well your treatments are controlling your asthma. The test is suitable for over 12 year olds. It considers how often you experience asthma symptoms and use medications to control them, as well as the severity of symptoms and how they...

ADHD Adult Self-Evaluation Tool

Complete the ADHD Adult Self Evaluation with this interactive tool. It automatically summarises and prints results, which you can take to a doctor appointment if you suspect you have ADHD. The tool is based on an interview developed by the World Health Organisation. Although...
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Standard Drinks Calculator

Calculate how many standard drinks you’ve consumed using this tool. Recommendations about how much a person should drink are made in terms of standard servings of alcohol. But did you know a standard drink (a drink containing 10 g of alcohol) is not the same as a glass of wine or...
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Menstruation Calculator

Use the calculator to work out when to expect your next menstrual bleeding. All you need to do is enter the date when your last menstrual bleeding began, and the calculator will tell you when to expect your next period.
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Fertile Days Calculator and Calendar Rhythm Method

Use the Calendar Rhythm Methods tool to calculate the times at which you are fertile and can get pregnant (and the times when you are not fertile). The calendar rhythm method is a calendar based contraceptive method which is suitable for women with irregular menstrual cycles, or...