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Sugar improves memory in over-60s, helping them work smarter

A small dose of sugar can improve memory in older adults, motivate them to work harder and puts them in […]

Huge health benefits by cutting back sugar in sugary drinks

More than 150,000 Australian deaths could be prevented if the energy content of sugary drinks was cut by around a […]

Having a sweet tooth not always linked to being overweight

Sugar is the latest target in the fight against obesity, with calls for Australia to follow the lead of countries […]

Sugar sweetened Aussies

More than half of us are exceeding the World Health Organization’s recommended daily intake of added sugars according to a […]

The cognitive benefits of eating chocolate

Its good news for chocolate lovers as new research has revealed that those who eat chocolate at least once per […]
doctor with female patient

GP Q/A: Type 2 Diabetes – new diagnosis

Reader question: Dear Dr Joe I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes after my doctor received the results for my […]