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The six top chronic health issues affecting Australians: new research

Hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoarthritis, hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol), depression, anxiety, and asthma are the six most common chronic health conditions […]

Do you shy away from public toilets?

If the thought of using a public toilet makes you feel a little uneasy, you’re not alone. Swinburne researchers have […]

Best minds frame research priorities for reproductive health

Research into the optimal preconception diet and societal barriers to fertility are among the key priorities for future reproductive health […]

Can self-help books relieve anxiety?

Surviving the stressful Christmas/ New Year period could prove to be a little easier with the use of a self-help […]

No laughing matter: Being happy won’t make you live longer

A new study has challenged the widespread, but mistaken, notion that unhappiness and stress cause ill health and found that […]

Hair samples reveal effects of ecstasy use

For the first time, researchers have used hair samples to measure levels of stress caused by MDMA use. Lead researcher […]

Caring for kids with disabilities and difficult toileting behaviours

There is plenty of research telling us what most of us already suspected; that parents of children with disabilities are […]

Alleviating stress faced by carers

A USC research project is aiming to help families cope with the ongoing stress that follows the placement of elderly […]

Hidden gene gives hopes for improving brain function

A new study has found the mechanism used by a hidden gene to affect how the brain responds to stressful […]

Mother’s stress hormone levels may affect foetal growth and long term health of…

In the Journal of Physiology, researchers at the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge examined […]