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Cancer: Prevention Strategies

Professor Ian Olver talks about strategies for preventing cancer, including lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, eating a healthy diet, and engaging in physical activity.

How to prevent heart disease: Prof Sullivan

Clinical Associate Professor David Sullivan explains the significance of family history and cholesterol in cardiovascular disease, the importance of promoting awareness about the inherited risk of CVD, and the concept of familial cascade screening.

Dementia prevention

Professor Craig Anderson explores the socioeconomic impact of dementia, and the link between vascular risk factors and dementia.

Obesity Management

Obesity is becoming a global problem. The majority of Australians are overweight, and 20% are obese. Professor Jeffrey Hamdorf talks […]

High Blood Pressure: Lifestyle

Dr Lawrie Beilin discusses ways to reduce high blood pressure through lifestyle changes.

Drug Trialling

  Video transcript Hi, I’m Roy Beran. I’m a Consultant Neurologist and Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of New […]

Virtual Medical Centre: Welcome

Dr Andrew Dean welcomes you to Virtual Medical Centre.

Cardiac Exercise with Heart Disease

Dr Andrew Maiorana talks about exercising when you have heart disease. We’ve known for a long time that regular exercise is […]

Arthritis Pain and Regular Exercise

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to reduce osteoarthritic pain is through regular exercise. This video demonstrates a variety […]
doctor with patient on scales

An Introduction to Obesity Treatments

Obesity is a chronic health problem that has become a worldwide epidemic. Recent estimates suggest that over 70% of Australian males and over 50% of Australian females are overweight or obese. Furthermore, rates of obesity are increasing at alarming rates due to increasingly...