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Obesity and Fertility

Obesity may be defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. It is a medical condition in which excess body fat builds up to the extent that the health of the individual becomes negatively affected. It is becoming increasingly common in both men and women in Western...
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Pilates: Pilates is a low impact form of exercise designed to increase core stability. Commonly used in the past for rehabilitation by dancers, Pilates is now a popular form of exercise. Here is some information on Pilates.

Dementia: 10 minute exercises to improve your physical and mental health

Physical activity is beneficial to mental and physical health, and is an important part of improving quality of life for people […]
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Spinal cord anatomy

The spinal cord is a long cylinder of nerves that runs from the base of your brain through the vertebral canal through the backbone. It is part of the central nervous system (CNS) along with the brain.
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Obesity and Depression

Obesity and depression are linked. Many hypotheses have been put forward to explain the relationship existing between these two complex conditions.
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Obesity and Pain

There now appears to be a strong link between obesity and pain. Studies show that obese people are much more likely to feel light to intense pain in many parts of the body. Scientists do not understand exactly how or why obesity causes pain, but it is clear that weight loss can...
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Obesity and Sexuality

Sexuality refers to an individual's sexual attitudes, behaviours and practices. It is considered an integral part of our personality. The concept varies widely between individuals, and encompasses the physical (including sexual intercourse and sexual practices), the psychological...
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Yoga During Pregnancy

Yoga is quickly becoming a popular activity amongst expectant mothers. The gentle movements and breathing exercises help to develop ways to cope with and reduce stress.
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Obesity and its Cost on the Workforce

Obesity is costing the Australian economy $637 million dollars each year due to indirect costs associated with increased sick leave, lower productivity, unemployment, disability, early retirement and workplace injuries.
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Arthritis and Physical Activity

Introduction to Arthritis and Physical Activity How does physical activity help with arthritis? How often should I do physical activity? […]