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Pathway identified that can lead to body size misperception

A new study led by researchers at Macquarie University has identified a psychological pathway that can lead to body size […]

Social isolation health message fails to cut through

Social isolation has been shown to pose a greater health threat than smoking, poor diet and lack of exercise – […]

Extreme weight loss techniques may be putting MMA fighters at risk

Mixed martial arts (MMA) athletes are potentially putting their health at risk by shedding almost 10kg in bodyweight in the […]

How’s the humidity? Tips for safe summer exercise

Resolved to get fit this year? Ease into it – going like a bull at a gate when starting an […]

Don’t sweat it: Bikram yoga is no more effective than yoga practised at room te…

Bikram yoga, a hot yoga style, is no more effective at improving health than the same yoga postures at room […]

Exercise parks just for seniors help elderly swap slippers for sneakers

Victoria University research has found that outdoor exercise parks specifically designed for seniors help them better enjoy life, and could […]

High-intensity exercise delays Parkinson’s progression

High-intensity exercise three times a week is safe for individuals with early-stage Parkinson’s disease and decreases worsening of motor symptoms, […]

Best practice for treating lower back pain has changed

Revisions to major international guidelines for the management and treatment of low back pain should see changes to practice worldwide. […]

Exercising maintains brain size

Aerobic exercise can improve memory function and maintain brain health as we age, a new Australian-led study has found. In […]

A quick walk on your lunch break could significantly help Australia’s physical …

A new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) shows that small increases in our levels of […]