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Overweight man working out

Healthy eating and exercise trial to prevent type 2 diabetes

Sydney University is calling out for Sydneysiders to join a research study assessing the effects of healthy eating and exercise on the […]

Time out for exercise

A University of Queensland researcher has found that restructuring our daily routine to include exercise can have unexpected effects on […]

Link to failing heart in muscular dystrophy

In a world first, researchers at The University of Western Australia have discovered a communication breakdown may be responsible for […]

Teaming up for better health

Victoria University researchers are teaming up with Fitness Australia to improve participation in structured exercise. The Fitness Industry Research Program […]

Group exercise crucial for people with MS

Group exercise should become a standard health practice in South Australia’s public health system to provide much-needed support for people […]

Are female hormones playing a key role in obesity epidemic?

An imbalance of female sex hormones among men in Western nations may be contributing to high levels of male obesity, […]

Promising new therapy for Motor Neurone disease

A well-known copper compound may help treat a progressive and incurable disease that attacks a person’s nervous system, new research […]

Driving… a road to poor health?

As little as two hours a day behind the wheel is a potential risk factor for a range of poor […]

Look beyond fat and sugar to solve the world’s obesity epidemic

A report in the latest issue of The Lancet shows that Australia’s rate of obesity has risen the fifth fastest in the […]

Watching your waistline a first step to maintaining good health

An expanding waistline is one of the main predictors of whether people will go on to develop serious and potentially […]