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Sleepiness epidemic hits nation

A new national sleep study involving the University of Adelaide reveals Australia is in the grip of a sleep deprivation […]

Global sleep apnoea study released

The largest sleep study ever undertaken has found that the leading therapy for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), Continuous Positive Airway […]

Poor sleep: sorting fact from fiction

Purveyors of sleep-inducing gadgets, therapies and pharmaceuticals have convinced a lot of us that we’re sleep-deprived insomniacs who need help […]

The yin and yang of sleep and attention

Being able to pay attention during the day relies on doing the exact opposite at night, according to University of […]

Holidays can make you tired

A Victoria University sleep psychologist says a holiday can bring a surprising level of tiredness for some, despite more sleep […]

Long nights and lazy days could send you to an early grave

Sleeping more than nine hours a night, and sitting too much during the day could be a hazardous combination, particularly […]

Sleep and mood research receives international attention

New research into how sleep affects the mood of people with and without dementia in nursing homes has received international […]

Flies show the true value of sleep

An international study on sleep and learning in flies has shown a good night’s sleep might be vital for retaining […]

Power naps for insomniacs

Daytime naps may hold the key to treating insomnia, Flinders University researchers believe. In a world-first study, Flinders Postdoctoral Research […]

Always tired? Drug-free trial to a better night’s sleep

A new drug-free treatment will be trialled for people with symptoms of insomnia and obstructive sleep apnea in Brisbane. Led […]