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HIV treatment-as-prevention is effective in homosexual male couples

Results from a large study of HIV transmission risk among homosexual male couples with differing HIV status were published in […]

Effective treatment halts HIV transmission

Results from the largest study to analyse HIV transmission risk among homosexual couples with differing HIV status have shown that […]

Sex and older Australians: It’s time we talked about it

Ageist assumptions about sex and sexuality were challenged at a UNSW seminar that will highlight findings from the most comprehensive […]

Snuggle, run or cry: What’s your ‘normal’ after sex?

A new QUT study is looking to lift the covers off people’s feelings, emotions and actions immediately after sexual activity. QUT Professor […]

Most Australians view porn but few report ill effects

Most Australians have viewed porn but few report any ill effects, a new report in The Journal of Sex Research reveals. Most […]