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Mature Man Jogging

Jogging may not be enough to meet physical activity targets

Victorian research published recently in the Journal of Sports Sciences has shown that people who jog regularly (20-40km per week) […]

Heart disease more likely to kill regional, rural and remote Australians

New research has revealed people living in regional, rural or remote Australia are 90% more likely to die from heart […]

Healthy food is key to a healthy mind

The risk of developing depression is directly linked to diet, lifestyle and exercise, a ground-breaking index has found. The Risk […]

Active travel could lower rates of disease

State and local government targets to get people out of cars and into more active transport would reduce heart disease […]

Inactivity still too high in Australia

Activity levels in Australia have hardly moved over the past 22 years, requiring a wider approach, according to a new […]

Could too much sitting be bad for our brain?

In many aspects of our life when we need to use our brain power, we tend to sit down: at […]

Stand up for your health

Imagine a school classroom where a teacher tells its students to stand at their desks. Or a company CEO who […]

Active wear helps the drive to exercise

A Victoria University study into Australia’s booming ‘active wear’ market indicates that the very act of wearing colourful leggings and […]

Future doctors unprepared to deliver physical activity advice

Physical activity (PA) training for medical students in Australia is not keeping pace with the growing obesity and type 2 […]

Sitting not linked to incident diabetes

Sitting may not be as deadly as previously thought, with new research led by the University of Sydney ruling out […]