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Arthritis sufferers excluded from everyday life

Arthritis is the second leading cause of disability in Australia with many sufferers so severely disabled that they cannot engage […]

Genetic key to lupus shows potential of personalised medicine

Medical researchers have used DNA sequencing to identify a gene variant responsible for causing lupus in a young patient. The […]

BRA you ready for a revolution? The quest to design better fitting bras

Custom designed bras may be in sight thanks to a 3D computer-aided design study. It may have been hundreds of […]

Guidelines for safe use of NSAIDs in older people ignored

Research by the University of Sydney has found that older Australians are taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for too long and without sufficient […]

GP Q/A: Cracking knuckles

Reader Question: Hi Dr Joe, I used to crack my knuckles all the time as a teen, then it started […]

Questions raised about physio for hip osteoarthritis

Physiotherapy for hip osteoarthritis does not appear to relieve pain or increase function any more than ‘sham’ treatments, University of […]

Improving whiplash diagnosis

A team of researchers from ANU, the University of Aarhus in Denmark and Canberra Hospital want to know whether new […]

Significant step in targeting chronic inflammation

Researchers at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute, based at UOW, have made another major discovery in their search for […]

Bigger amputations, less complications?

New research by La Trobe University’s Dr Michael P. Dillon published in the Medical Journal of Australia raises concerns about […]
neck pain illustration

Physio Q/A: Text neck

Reader question: Dear VMC, My partner has what’s called ‘text neck’ – what does it actually mean and what can […]