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female doctor looking at lung x-ray

Aussies missing vital treatments for killer lung disease

Thousands of Australians with the chronic lung disease COPD may be missing out of some of the most effective non-drug […]
Doctor and senior woman

Repurposed antidepressants have potential to treat small-cell lung cancer

A bioinformatics approach to repurposing drugs resulted in identification of a class of antidepressants as a potential new treatment for […]
smiling doctor

Accelerated radiotherapy more efficient than current practice

Radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy is increasingly being used in the curative treatment for un-resected non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). […]
brain illustration

Tuberculosis and Parkinson’s disease linked by unique protein

A protein at the center of Parkinson’s disease research now also has been found to play a key role in […]

Asthma score calculator

Calculate your asthma score to determine how well your treatments are controlling your asthma. The test is suitable for over 12 year olds. It considers how often you experience asthma symptoms and use medications to control them, as well as the severity of symptoms and how they...
boy getting flu shot

Pain-free microneedle influenza vaccine is effective, long-lasting

Scientists have developed an influenza vaccine delivered via microneedle patch that provided 100 percent protection against a lethal influenza virus […]
Asthma inhaler

Bushfire Alert for Asthmatics

With bushfires burning around the Sydney area and the air pollution index showing air quality is “very poor” in some […]

Untreated Asthma puts Mums-to-be at Risk

Mums-to-be who have asthma and who don’t continue preventer medication during pregnancy are more likely to have pregnancy complications or […]

Early spring prompts asthma alert

An early flowering season, a high pollen count rising to very high on Monday, temperatures forecast to rise to 28C […]
woman taking asthma treatment

Asthma Foundation NSW sounds spring  warning

Fluctuating temperatures, an early flowering season and predictions of thunderstorms and bushfires by weather experts this year has prompted Asthma […]