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E-cigarettes: Dr Joe Kosterich

Transcript There’s a lot of talk about e-cigarettes these days. Hi, I’m Doctor Joe. It’s almost from the ‘what would […]

Smoking rates high among people with psychotic illness

The rate of smoking among people in Adelaide’s northern suburbs who suffer from a psychotic illness is much greater than […]

Winning the war against Human parainfluenza virus

Researchers at Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics have moved a step closer to identifying a treatment for the dreaded Human parainfluenza virus […]

Lung Foundation Australia launches COPD-X Concise Guide

Lung Foundation Australia has launched new guidelines to help primary care health professionals to diagnose and manage one of the […]

Grandparents could leave a big, fat inheritance

A University of Queensland study is one of the world’s first to investigate whether obesity and chronic diseases can be […]

New report highlights impact of lung disease

A new report released today reveals lung disease contributes to more than 10% of the overall health burden in Australia. […]

Topical antibiotics used to prevent pneumonia in intensive care “hazardous and …

The use of topical antibiotics in clinical trials to prevent pneumonia in patients in intensive care units increased rather than […]

Virulence of killer bacteria “like roll of a dice”

An international team of scientists has uncovered a genetic switch that turns the global killer bacteria, Streptococcus pneumoniae, from a seemingly benign […]

Youth tobacco smoking in Poland surges in step with electronic cigarette use

New study shows why tobacco industry investing millions in e-cigarettes. A new study showing a major increase in the dual […]

Dust particles may be more harmful to asthmatics than M5 soot

Particles derived from dust may do more harm to asthmatics and those people susceptible to developing it than soot particles […]