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Young adults aren’t using e-cigarettes to quit smoking

Young Australian adults are more likely to use electronic nicotine delivery systems such as e-cigarettes for enjoyment rather than to […]

Cannabinoid replacement drug trial to help cannabis smokers quit habit

An Australian research team is recruiting cannabis smokers who need help quitting or reducing their cannabis-use for a world-first trial […]

Researchers quantify weight gain for smokers who quit

Fear of weight gain is a commonly cited reason for not quitting smoking, despite evidence that quitting will result in […]

Expert argues against smokescreen on e-cigarette research

A leading Australian substance abuse expert is pleading for moderation in policies on e-cigarettes. The University of Queensland’s Professor Wayne […]

It’s never too late to reap benefits of quitting smoking

The health advantages for younger people quitting cigarettes are well known. Now a study has found older smokers can reap […]

Getting fit may give motivation to quit smoking

University of Queensland researchers are investigating whether high-intensity interval training can help women quit smoking. The study seeks female participants […]

E-cigarettes: Dr Joe Kosterich

Transcript There’s a lot of talk about e-cigarettes these days. Hi, I’m Doctor Joe. It’s almost from the ‘what would […]

Nicabate CQ and Nicabate CQ Clear

Generic Name: Nicotine Product Name: Nicabate CQ and Nicobate CQ Clear Indication Nicabate CQ and Nicabate CQ Clear are patches […]

Nicabate CQ Lozenges

Generic Name: Nicotine polacrilex Product Name: Nicabate CQ Lozenges Indication Nicabate CQ Lozenges are used to stop smoking. They help you give up […]