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Psychotherapy for anxiety: Dr Jan Resnick

Transcript Hello, I’m Jan Resnick, I work as a senior psychotherapist and supervisor based in Perth at the Claremont Medical […]
Psychologist talking to a depressed patient

Psychotherapy for depression: Dr Jan Resnick

Psychotherapy treatment for depression involves understanding the reasons for depression and work through feelings to prevent depression returning.

Incontinence linked to depression

With RUOK Week (Sept 8 – 12) upon us, young women need to be made aware that incontinence puts them […]

Alcohol warning labels

Curtin University researchers have found the development of cancer warning labels for alcoholic beverages would be accepted by the Australian […]

The Mind and Your Health

Transcript The mind is amazingly powerful. If I was to say to you, “Imagine that you’re about to bite into […]

Virtual Psych Centre

Dr Nick De Felice introduces the Virtual Psych Centre. Transcript Hi, I’m Nick De Felice, Consultant Psychiatrist and Medical Director […]