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Living with type 1 diabetes- a brave five year old learns to cope with needles

A type 1 diabetes diagnosis means many day to day changes and a lifetime of careful eating, doctor visits, insulin injections and […]
Elderly woman, chin on hands, smiles wistfully

Colostomy following bowel cancer: Amber tells all

As I awoke from a mammoth surgery to remove cancer from my bowel, I looked down at my abdomen. I […]
Sad woman looking through a window

Abortion: Michelle reflects upon her abortion experience

In Michelle’s experience, fear and embarrassment were much more difficult to cope with than the abortion surgery itself even though she was sure she wanted to terminate her pregnancy.
Teenage girl looking thoughtful about troubles

Bipolar disorder: Kelly’s rollercoaster ride

Chances are you know somebody who has a mental illness. Read about Kelly's experience with being diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
Doctor examining xray

Bone fracture: Brian’s experience with breaking a wrist

In this experience we speak to Brian; a hard-working exec who learnt how to type with his left hand - the hard way, after fracturing his wrist.