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Can self-help books relieve anxiety?

Surviving the stressful Christmas/ New Year period could prove to be a little easier with the use of a self-help […]


Generic Name: Alprazolam Product Name: Xanax Indication Xanax is indicated for Anxiety, with symptoms of depression and Panic disorder. Action […]


Generic Name: paroxetine Product Name: Aropax Indication: What Aropax is used for Aropax is used to treat clinical depression. Aropax […]


Generic Name: moclobemide Product Name: Aurorix Indication: What Aurorix is used for Aurorix belongs to a group of medicines called […]


Generic Name: Fluoxetine hydrochloride Product Name: Fluohexal Indication Major depression Obsessive compulsive disorder Pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder Bulimia nervosa Panic disorder […]


Generic Name: alprazolam Product Name: Kalma Indication: What Kalma is used for It is used to treat: Anxiety; Panic attacks. […]