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Science on the move for health

Medical researchers have confirmed that by taking an additional 3,500 steps and spending an extra 45 minutes on the move […]

Australia making no progress to prevent obesity, alcohol harm

Australia’s investment in life-saving health promotion programs now lags well behind many other comparable Western countries, public health experts say. […]

Fat and salt combined is a toxic mix for our health and waistlines

Deakin University sensory scientists have found that salt promotes overconsumption of fatty foods adding weight to calls to reduce the […]

Experts rank the best apps for weight loss

A new study from the Charles Perkins Centre has ranked the best apps for weight loss according to their accuracy, […]

Diabetes drugs for weight management?

For the first time, a diabetes drug has been approved for weight management in people without diabetes. Liraglutide (Saxenda), a […]

Taking a ‘diet holiday’ could improve weight loss

New research published in PLOS ONE suggests a break from dieting could lead to more efficient weight loss. Researchers from […]

Study offers to help you get fit in 2016

Edith Cowan University is giving you the chance to start 2016 with a free supervised exercise program. If your New […]

Australian supermarket catalogues promote unhealthy eating

Unhealthy foods are the most promoted items in Australian supermarket catalogues, according to an analysis by Deakin University obesity prevention […]
obese man

Protein that causes pre-diabetes identified

The western world is getting fatter and this has resulted in the development of a relatively new disease called non-alcoholic […]


Hyperlipidemia is a condition characterised by excessive amounts of fat in the blood. There are many different types of fats […]