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Fallopian tube removal lowers ovarian cancer risk

A University of Queensland gynaecological researcher and cancer surgeon is urging women facing hysterectomy – surgical womb removal – to […]
Doctor taking notes

First evidence that ovarian cancer screening may save lives

One of the largest randomised trials ever conducted has concluded that ovarian cancer screening may reduce mortality by an estimated […]
Cancer patient with bandana

Target to stop the spread of ovarian cancer identified

UNSW researchers have discovered a method for disrupting the spread of ovarian cancer, by blocking receptors present on the surface […]

Breast cancer: Risks, signs and symptoms, screening, and how to assess your own…

Professor Christobel Saunders explains breast cancer risks, signs & symptoms, screening and how to assess your own breasts.

Ovarian cancer discovery

Research findings published recently in Nature and revealing new insights into the genetic mechanisms ovarian cancer employs to evade chemotherapy […]

Flinders vortex device makes for better cancer treatments

A South Australian invention, responsible for unboiling an egg, has been used to produce a four-fold increase in efficacy of […]

New screening technique could pick up twice as many women with ovarian cancer

A new approach to ovarian cancer detection developed by UNSW Vice-Chancellor Ian Jacobs could lead to widespread screening for the disease that […]


Alkeran (melphalan) belongs to a group of medicines called cytotoxics. It is used to treat some types of cancer and certain blood disorders.

DBL Carboplatin Injection

Carboplatin is a chemotherapy medicine used to treat certain cancers. It is often used in combination with other medicines.

Carboplatin Injection

Generic Name: carboplatin Product Name: Carboplatin Injection Indication: What Carboplatin Injection is used for Carboplatin is used for cancer of […]