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pregnant woman preparing food

Too much vitamin D during pregnancy can cause food allergies

Pregnant women should avoid taking vitamin D supplements. Substitution appears to raise the risk of children developing a food allergy […]
Woman breastfeeding

Food and beverages not likely to make breast-fed babies fussy

Many new moms fear that eating the wrong foods while breast-feeding will make their baby fussy. However, no sound scientific […]
Heart on a pregant woman's belly

Probiotic-derived treatment new hope for preemies

“Good” bacteria that live in our intestines have been linked with a variety of health benefits, from fighting disease to […]
pregnant woman preparing food

Limiting polyunsaturated fatty acid in pregnancy may influence body fat of chil…

Southampton researchers have demonstrated that mothers who have higher levels of n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), which are found in […]
Man Relaxing On Sofa With Pregnant Wife At Home

Prenatal exposure to fish beneficial to child development

A study published recently in the Journal of Nutrition adds to the growing scientific evidence that when expecting mothers eat […]

Appropriate Oxygen Levels for Extremely Preterm Infants: a Prospective Meta-ana…

For over 60 years the most appropriate oxygen level for preterm babies remains unknown. To answer this, we will combine […]
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Babies get a better chance to escape a dangerous health cycle

A promising step forward in stopping an intergenerational cycle of birth complications, diabetes and obesity associated with gestational diabetes has […]
male doctor in hospital

Lifesaving kit cost less than a coffee

Giving birth in a safe and clean environment is something that we take for granted in Australia, says Professor Jill […]
Heart on a pregant woman's belly

Better blood transfusions for preterm babies

Results of new research from the University of Adelaide are a promising step forward in helping to improve the quality […]
pregnant woman preparing food

Foetus suffers when mother lacks vitamin C

Maternal vitamin C deficiency during pregnancy can have serious consequences for the foetal brain. And once brain damage has occurred, […]