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Fertility and eggs: Dr Joe Kosterich

Transcript It’s incredible how quickly science fiction can turn itself into science fact. Hi, I’m Doctor Joe. The notion of […]

Expectant mothers with epilepsy face tough choices over their medication

A new study published today in The Cochrane Library, highlights the difficult decisions women with epilepsy have to face when they […]

Induction of labour: Natural methods

Use of herbal supplements Inducing labour with sexual intercourse Inducing labour with breast stimulation Induction of labour with acupuncture Natural […]

Placental tissue gives gift of life a second time around

Stem cells from placenta usually discarded after childbirth can now be used to develop treatments for conditions such as diabetes, […]

Alcohol warning labels

Curtin University researchers have found the development of cancer warning labels for alcoholic beverages would be accepted by the Australian […]

HSV-infected newborns four times more likely to be born to young mums

Mothers of Herpes Simplex Virus-infected newborn babies in Australia are four times more likely to be young women aged less […]

Patches of Cortical Layers Disrupted During Early Brain Development in Autism

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and the Allen Institute for Brain Science have published […]

Offspring benefit from mum sending the right message

Researchers have uncovered a previously unforeseen interaction between the sexes which reveals that offspring survival is affected by chemical signals […]
woman in lab

New genetic test for Down syndrome to reduce the risk of invasive tests

Curtin University researchers have found a new non-invasive test for Down syndrome could increase detection rates and significantly reduce the […]
Calling the baby

Cocaine exposure in the womb: The brain structure is intact but development is …

Prenatal cocaine exposure affects both behavior and brain. Animal studies have shown that exposure to cocaine during in utero development […]