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Sweet discovery in leafy greens holds key to gut health

A critical discovery about how bacteria feed on an unusual sugar molecule found in leafy green vegetables could hold the […]

Best minds frame research priorities for reproductive health

Research into the optimal preconception diet and societal barriers to fertility are among the key priorities for future reproductive health […]

My dad… my hero… my button buddy

Most boys look up to their dads as hero’s and four and half year old Zephyr Anderson is no different. Zephyr’s dad Clay would stop at nothing for his son and he even got a tattoo of his son’s feeding tube so they could become button buddies!

How pigs are helping researchers tackle antibiotic resistance

Scientists at UTS are tackling the growing health crisis of antibiotic resistance at its most significant source – the farmyard. […]

Mind how you eat this holiday season

The key to making more balanced eating choices this holiday season could all be in your head according to a […]

Australian supermarket catalogues promote unhealthy eating

Unhealthy foods are the most promoted items in Australian supermarket catalogues, according to an analysis by Deakin University obesity prevention […]

Food craving is ‘hard-wired’ in the brain

An international group of researchers have found that food craving activates different brain networks between obese and normal weight patients. […]

Fight against dementia using new breed of Australian plum

Researchers at UOW are testing the short-term effects of Queen Garnet Plum juice on blood pressure and memory in one […]

Mediterranean Diet Supplemented with Olive Oil or Nuts Associated with Improved…

Supplementing the plant-based Mediterranean diet with antioxidant-rich extra virgin olive oil or mixed nuts was associated with improved cognitive function […]

Aussie researcher finds lower prices get more fruit and veg

Researchers from Deakin University’s Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN) have highlighted the importance of lower prices as […]