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Lower radiation doses could have big impact on cancer treatment

VectorLAB, a joint venture collaboration of physicists from the University of Sydney and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, has developed a theoretical […]

Technology holds personalised cancer vaccine breakthrough

University of Queensland researchers have developed a vaccine delivery technology that enables treatment to be tailored precisely for different cancers. […]

Light-activated cancer drugs without toxic side effects: fresh insight

Led by Robbin Vernooij, a joint PhD student from the Monash Warwick Alliance, fresh insight has been gained into how a […]

Virus inspires new way to deliver cancer drugs

Drugs disguised as viruses are providing new weapons in the battle against cancer, promising greater accuracy and fewer side effects […]

Prostate cancer treatment breakthrough

Deakin University medical scientists have made a breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment, by piggy backing a chemotherapy drug onto a […]

Chemical derived from sea snails proving a potent cancer killer

Researchers at UOW and the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) have discovered a new class of molecules originally derived from […]

Smart materials and good vibrations for new treatment methods

Researchers have used the power of rock and roll to deliver and deploy safer quantities of cancer-killing drugs directly where […]

Improving outcomes for kids with cancer

UNSW childhood cancer researchers have been awarded close to $4.5 million to fund ground breaking new research set to significantly […]

New way to find cancer ‘hidden’ amongst billions of healthy cells

A new method for detecting cancer cells in the body could one day be used to remove them, like a […]

New brain cancer treatment twice as effective

Researchers develop new therapy to treat some of the most aggressive malignant brain tumours. A new three-pronged therapy to treat […]