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Afternoon slump or the brain’s expectations at work?

The brain’s reward centre activates differently across the day, peaking in the morning and evening, according to new research from […]

Stress a key factor in Alzheimer’s deterioration

High stress may be a major contributor to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, a recent University of Tasmania study has […]

Memory aids for people with brain injuries

During Brain Injury Awareness Week, new research has emerged from Monash University showing that smartphone apps may actually help people […]

Genetic causes of cerebral palsy

A new international research group has been established to investigate the underlying genetic causes of cerebral palsy, spurred on by […]

New brain cancer drug shrinks tumours

An international team of researchers has found a drug previously approved to treat breast cancer could also be used to […]

Adult brains produce new cells in previously undiscovered area

A University of Queensland discovery may lead to new treatments for anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). UQ Queensland […]

Think FAST and act FAST this National Stroke Week

Worrying new Stroke Foundation statistics have found only 36% of Australians who suffer a stroke reach hospital within a critical […]

Lasers used to detect risk of heart attack and stroke

Patients at risk of heart attacks and strokes may be spotted earlier thanks to a diagnosis tool that uses near-infrared […]

Could gaming change the way students learn?

A mobile learning app developed at Swinburne has shown positive effects on student academic performance, engagement and retention. A new […]

Brain ‘switch’ tells body to burn fat after a meal

Scientists at Monash University’s Biomedicine Discovery Institute have found a mechanism by which the brain coordinates feeding with energy expenditure, […]