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How your nerves are linked to obesity

A free public lecture at the University of Adelaide explained the important role of nerve signals in the gut in maintaining health, […]

Surviving cancer – at what cost?

Understanding how chemotherapy-induced nerve damage impacts on the quality of life of Australia’s cancer survivors is the goal of a new […]

Better grasp of ‘nerve pain’ in arthritis

Women who have arthritis commonly have ‘nerve pain’, related to degeneration of their nervous system, which is associated with greater […]

Tiny worm opens big discovery on nerve degeneration

A new discovery in a transparent roundworm brings scientists one step closer to understanding nerve degeneration. Australian, US and European scientists […]

Multiple Sclerosis (Video)

Transcript Hello. I’m Dr Elizabeth McDonald, Rehabilitation Physician and Medical Director of Multiple Sclerosis Society Victoria and New South Wales. […]


Generic Name: Botulinum toxin type A Product Name: Botox Indication Botox is a medication used to treat neuromuscular conditions (conditions […]