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Dantrium Capsules

Generic Name: Dantrolene sodium Product Name: Dantrium Capsules Indication Dantrium is the brand name for a drug known as Dantrolene. […]

Dantrium for Injection

Dantrium for Injection (dantrolene sodium) is a muscle relaxant used to treat malignant hyperthermia, an inherited reaction to some general anaesthetics.


Generic Name: Orphenadrine citrate Product Name: Norflex Indication Moderate to Severe pain. Painful muscle spasm. eg. from fibrositis, whiplash injury, […]

Baclofen (Terry White Chemists)

Generic Name: Baclofen Product Name: Baclofen (Terry White Chemists) Indication Baclo may be used in the suppression of muscle spasms […]

Nurofen Plus

Generic Name: Codeine phosphate, Ibuprofen Product Name: Nurofen Plus Indication Pain and inflammation such as: headaches muscular or bone pain […]


Generic Name: Paracetamol Product Name: Panamax Indication Relieves pain and fever. E.g. Headache, period pain, arthritis, muscle pain, toothaches. Action […]


Generic Name: Temazepam Product Name: Euhypnos Indication Short term treatment of insomnia. Action Benzodiazepines potentiate the inhibitory effects of gamma […]