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Mediterranean diet key to delaying Alzheimer’s

Eating a Mediterranean diet could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease by years, new research has found. Researchers from Edith […]

Five tips for better liver health

Working with specialists from four major Melbourne hospitals, the team reviewed more than a decade of published research to come […]

Healthy diet can treat depression

A pioneering new study shows that a tasty, Mediterranean-style diet rich in vegetables, legumes, fruit, nuts, fish oil and extra […]

Diet plan for depression

A La Trobe University researcher has released new details about a diet she developed to help adults with major depressive […]

Best minds frame research priorities for reproductive health

Research into the optimal preconception diet and societal barriers to fertility are among the key priorities for future reproductive health […]

Mediterranean Diet Supplemented with Olive Oil or Nuts Associated with Improved…

Supplementing the plant-based Mediterranean diet with antioxidant-rich extra virgin olive oil or mixed nuts was associated with improved cognitive function […]
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Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet: A Mediterranean diet is a diet based on plant foods. It is high in N-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Fat intake under the Mediterranean diet is moderate (up to 35% of total calories).