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Approach to deadly sepsis infections continues to vary

Treatment practices for patients hospitalised with the potentially fatal infection known as “sepsis” will continue to vary because of individual […]

A positive boost to the immune system

A positive attitude can improve your immune system and may help you live longer, according to a University of Queensland study. The […]

Predicting flu outbreaks

Researchers are working to enable influenza outbreaks to be predicted in much the same way as meteorologists forecast weather. The […]
woman breast

Breast and nipple thrush (BNT; breast and nipple candidiasis; mammary candidias…

Breast and nipple thrush (BNT) is a yeast infection of the nipple and breast caused by a fungal organism known as Candida albicans, a common cause of all thrush infections. It occurs most commonly in breastfeeding mothers.
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Whooping cough: Dr Joe

Transcript Whooping cough is one of those childhood illnesses that we don’t see as much of as we used to, […]
Pain in the abdomen

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a term that means quite a lot of different things to different people. Dr Joe Kosterich talks […]
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Pneumonia (Video)

Transcript There are a number of different forms of lung or chest infection and pneumonia is one of those and […]

Tonsillitis (Video)

Transcript It may come as a surprise but tonsillitis is actually one of the less common causes of sore throat. […]
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Oral thrush (monoliasis, oral candidiasis, OC)

Oral thrush (or oral candidiasis) is a type of thrush found in the oral cavity. It is a type of fungal (yeast) infection, caused most commonly by Candida albicans.
sick girl in bed getting cough medication

Cold and Flu

Cold and flu are respiratory infections which cause coughing, runny noses and a range of other symptoms. The flu can lead to serious and fatal complications like pneumonia. Cold and flu are common and contagious conditions, especially in winter months, when prevention measures...