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Toxoplasma parasite’s greedy appetite may be its downfall

Researchers are a step closer to developing drug targets for Toxoplasmosis, after gaining insight into its unique feeding behaviour. Toxoplasma […]

HIV ‘wakes up’ only once a week under treatment

In a new study from the Kirby Institute at UNSW, researchers have found that HIV cells in the body of […]

Early HIV treatment halves risk of serious complications

An international study led by UNSW’s Kirby Institute has shown immediate treatment for people who are HIV positive can halve […]

HIV and Mobility a roadmap for action

The HIV & Mobility: Roadmap for Action report calls for a coordinated approach to better support our mobile and migrant communities and […]
young couple fighting AIDS, HIV

Antiretroviral therapy (anti-HIV drugs)

Antiretrovirals (ARVs) are the cornerstone of HIV/AIDS management, as there is currently no cure nor vaccine available for HIV.
HIV cells in blood stream

HIV and AIDS (human immunodeficiency virus; acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)

Information on the symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of Human immune deficiency virus (HIV) and AIDS by professional health specialists.

Acihexal Intravenous Infusion

Generic Name: Aciclovir Product Name: Acihexal Intravenous Infusion Indication Acyclovir is an antiviral agent which is active against types 1 […]


Generic Name: Aciclovir Product Name: Acihexal Indication Acyclovir is an antiviral agent which is active against types 1 and 2 […]


Generic Name: aciclovir Product Name: Acyclo-V Indication: What Acyclo-V is used for Acyclo-V is used for the treatment of genital […]


Combivir (lamivudine; zidovudine) is an antiretroviral medicine used to slow down the progression of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.