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Simple test to predict where head and neck cancers spread

New QUT research has shed fresh light on how head and neck cancer spreads to other organs and researchers are […]

Fighting cancer head-on

Head and neck cancers are the sixth most common malignancies worldwide. Yet few are diagnosed before stage 3 or 4, […]

Key gene in deadly head and neck cancers revealed

Monash researchers have made the first real breakthrough in 50 years in understanding how cancers of the head and neck develop, […]

Drop in head and neck cancer rates

The rate of head and neck cancer cases in Australia is dropping, as is the rate of deaths from these […]


Generic Name: docetaxel Product Name: Taxotere Indication: What Taxotere is used for Taxotere is used to treat breast cancer, ovarian […]


Generic Name: Bleomycin sulfate Product Name: Blenoxane Indication Bleomycin can be used in combination with surgery or radiotherapy, or in […]

Carboplatin Injection

Generic Name: carboplatin Product Name: Carboplatin Injection Indication: What Carboplatin Injection is used for Carboplatin is used for cancer of […]

DBL Carboplatin Injection

Carboplatin is a chemotherapy medicine used to treat certain cancers. It is often used in combination with other medicines.