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Breast milk calcium mystery revealed

Breakthrough research at the University of Queensland has unlocked a mysterious process essential to breastfeeding. School of Pharmacy trio Dr […]
Woman breastfeeding

A mother’s genes can influence the bacteria in her baby’s gut

Researchers at UC Davis have found that a gene, which is not active in some mothers, produces a breast milk […]

Potential new target to prevent breast cancer relapse

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered an important factor in the development of breast cancer and its spread, which may […]

First national patient-driven endometriosis forum

The first-ever national public forum for doctors and patients to share perspectives of endometriosis will be held at the University […]

New study looks at labiaplasty outcomes

PhD researcher Gemma Sharp is looking at the outcomes of, and the motivation for, labiaplasties. The rising popularity of labiaplasty, […]

Window of Vulnerability for STIs to Infect Human Female Reproductive Tract

Charles R. Wira, PhD, and colleagues at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine have presented a comprehensive review of the role […]
young couple having sex

Sexpert Q/A: How to orgasm during sex?

Having trouble to orgasm during sex? Our Sexpert Desiree Spierings explains the female orgasm and what the factors are that influence a woman's ability to orgasm.

When the spin doesn’t hold water

We often hear recommendations we should drink two litres, sometimes even three litres of water a day. But there’s just […]

Endometriosis treatment now widely available for Australian women

Bayer Australia Ltd has introduced Visanne® (dienogest), a prescription medicine for the treatment of women with endometriosis. Visanne is now […]

New project helps women stay fit & healthy

A new study at Victoria University is testing what works best in motivating young women to maintain healthier lifestyles. Institute of […]