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Improving access to continence information

One in four Australians aged 15 and older is incontinent. And don’t assume they’re all infirm and elderly; those most […]

Health professionals lack knowledge about female genital mutilation

Health practitioners need more resources and expert guidelines to provide appropriate medical and psychological treatment for women and girls that […]

Link between type 2 diabetes and incontinence

The theme for World Diabetes Day 2015 is Healthy Living, and its key health message aligns perfectly with that of […]

New treatment for older men with ‘slow flow’ problems

Up and down to the toilet at night? Slow flow? Bladder never feels empty? A study by urologist and UNSW […]

When the spin doesn’t hold water

We often hear recommendations we should drink two litres, sometimes even three litres of water a day. But there’s just […]
Little boy with stomach pain

Urinary tract infections in children: Dr Joe Kosterich

Urinary tract infections in children in some respects have similar principles to those in adults. Transcript Hi, I’m Doctor Joe. […]
Woman with stomach ache

Urinary tract infections: Dr Joe Kosterich

Transcript Urinary tract infections are fairly common and sometimes the jargon can be confusing because they have multiple names. Hi, […]

Gentamicin Injection BP

Generic Name: gentamicin sulfate BP Product Name: Gentamicin Injection BP Indication: What Gentamicin Injection BP is used for Gentamicin Injection […]


Generic Name: Minocycline hydrochloride Product Name: Amikin Indication Used for the short term treatment of severe infections caused by pathogens […]


Generic Name: Tobramycin sulfate Product Name: Nebcin Indication Nebcin is used to treat serious infections caused by bacteria. Nebcin is used […]