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Prevenar 13

Generic Name: pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine Product Name: Prevenar 13 Indication: What Prevenar 13 is used for Prevenar 13 is […]

DBL Carboplatin Injection

Carboplatin is a chemotherapy medicine used to treat certain cancers. It is often used in combination with other medicines.


Generic Name: linezolid Product Name: Zyvox Indication: What Zyvox is used for Zyvox is an antibiotic (an agent used to […]


Generic Name: cabergoline Product Name: Dostinex Indication: What Dostinex is used for Dostinex may be prescribed by your doctor to […]


Generic Name: clozapine Product Name: Clopine Indication: What Clopine is used for Clopine is used in patients with schizophrenia for […]


Generic Name: ethosuximide Product Name: Zarontin Indication: What Zarontin is used for Zarontin is used to control epilepsy in children […]


Generic Name: atenolol Product Name: Tensig Indication: What Tensig is used for Tensig is used to: Lower high blood pressure, […]


Generic Name: dalteparin sodium Product Name: Fragmin Indication: What Fragmin is used for Fragmin is used to prevent blood clots […]


Generic Name: alprazolam Product Name: Kalma Indication: What Kalma is used for It is used to treat: Anxiety; Panic attacks. […]


Generic Name: fentanyl Product Name: Sublimaze injection Indication: What Sublimaze injection is used for Sublimaze injection is used to provide […]