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Arixtra (fondaparinux sodium) is used to prevent blood clots forming in patients who are recovering from orthopaedic or abdominal surgery.


Generic Name: warfarin sodium Product Name: Coumadin Indication: What Coumadin is used for Coumadin helps to prevent blood from excessive […]


Generic Name: dalteparin sodium Product Name: Fragmin Indication: What Fragmin is used for Fragmin is used to prevent blood clots […]

DBL Heparin Sodium Injection BP

Generic Name: heparin Product Name: DBL Heparin Sodium Injection BP Indication: What DBL Heparin Sodium Injection BP is used for […]


Generic Name: clopidogrel Product Name: Iscover Indication: What Iscover is used for Iscover is used to reduce blood clots forming […]


Generic Name: Antithrombin III concentrate (human), for intravenous administration Product Name: Thrombotrol-VF Indication: What Thrombotrol-VF is used for This medicine […]


Generic Name: alteplase Product Name: Actilyse Indication: What Actilyse is used for Actilyse is used to treat a number of […]


Generic Name: adenosine Product Name: Adenoscan Indication: What Adenoscan is used for Adenoscan is used as an aid to doctors, […]

Prostin VR

Generic Name: alprostadil Product Name: Prostin VR Indication: What Prostin VR is used for Prostin VR is used to keep […]

Trizivir tablets

Generic Name: abacavir sulfate, lamivudine and zidovudine Product Name: Trizivir tablets Indication: What Trizivir tablets is used for Trizivir is […]