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Generic Name: acetazolamide Product Name: Diamox Indication: What Diamox is used for Diamox is used to lower raised pressure in […]

Coversyl Plus

Generic Name: perindopril and indapamide Product Name: Coversyl Plus Indication: What Coversyl Plus is used for You have been prescribed […]


Edecrin (ethacrynic acid) helps to reduce the amount of fluid in the body for people who have oedema, pulmonary oedema, or ascites due to liver disease.

Hygroton 25

Generic Name: chlortalidone Product Name: Hygroton 25 Indication: What Hygroton 25 is used for This medicine contains chlortalidone. It is […]


Generic Name: furosemide Product Name: Lasix Indication: What Lasix is used for Lasix is used to treat swelling of the […]