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Best minds frame research priorities for reproductive health

Research into the optimal preconception diet and societal barriers to fertility are among the key priorities for future reproductive health […]

My dad… my hero… my button buddy

Most boys look up to their dads as hero’s and four and half year old Zephyr Anderson is no different. Zephyr’s dad Clay would stop at nothing for his son and he even got a tattoo of his son’s feeding tube so they could become button buddies!

Mind how you eat this holiday season

The key to making more balanced eating choices this holiday season could all be in your head according to a […]

Ancestral diets determine vulnerability to type 2 diabetes

The middle classes from developing countries are more susceptible than western Caucasians to obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease […]

Eating in the absence of hunger: a recipe for expanding waistline

Compulsive snacking is a major cause of weight gain “Eating too frequently, especially when we’re not hungry, is a major […]

Balanced diet for strong bones

Australian women are being urged to eat a varied balanced diet to reduce their exposure to cadmium, after a major […]

Semi-starvation diets offer new hope for obesity with binge eating

Severe diets don’t necessarily lead to binge eating and could be used to treat obesity without risking the disorder, according […]
doctor with female patient

GP Q/A: Type 2 Diabetes – new diagnosis

Reader question: Dear Dr Joe I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes after my doctor received the results for my […]

Mood Food: Mediterranean diet linked to better mental health

UniSA researchers have discovered that a traditional Mediterranean style diet may do more than improve physical health; it may also […]

Diet key to lifespan and fertility

It may be possible to live longer and increase fertility by manipulating diet, according to world-first research in mice from […]