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Paleo side effects probed

Despite growing in popularity, the Paleo diet causes more negative side effects than traditional diets according to research from Edith […]

New framework for human nutrition

Existing models for measuring health impacts of the human diet are limiting our capacity to solve obesity and its related […]

‘Meat Free Week’ can offer physical and mental benefits according to new resear…

A major scientific study authored by researchers from the University of Queensland and the University of Warwick has revealed eating […]

Having a sweet tooth not always linked to being overweight

Sugar is the latest target in the fight against obesity, with calls for Australia to follow the lead of countries […]

The cognitive benefits of eating chocolate

Its good news for chocolate lovers as new research has revealed that those who eat chocolate at least once per […]

Improved diabetes control with new diet

Adelaide researchers have developed a diet and exercise program which has proven to be highly effective in reducing the burden […]

Experts rank the best apps for weight loss

A new study from the Charles Perkins Centre has ranked the best apps for weight loss according to their accuracy, […]

Taking a ‘diet holiday’ could improve weight loss

New research published in PLOS ONE suggests a break from dieting could lead to more efficient weight loss. Researchers from […]

Weekend binge just as bad for the gut as regular junk food diet

If you thought you could get away with indulging in junk food only on the weekend, think again. New research suggests yo-yo dieting […]

Concerns over long-term use of chromium diet pills

Australian researchers have found chromium is partially converted into a carcinogenic form when it enters cells, with increased risk associated […]