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Jefferson Scientists Identify Gene Defect Leading To Abnormal Skin Development …

Researchers at Jefferson Medical College and at the Wadsworth Center in New York have identified a gene defect in mice […]
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Hives (urticaria)

Hives, or the medical term 'Urticaria' is a common allergic reaction on the skin. It is characterized by raised, red skin welts that are more than 5mm in diameter. Hives are extremely itchy, and often have a pale border surrounding the red area. The urticarial rash can be...
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Port-wine stain

Information on the symptoms, treatment and diagnosis of Port-wine stain by professional health specialists.
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Laser Treatment for the Skin

An Introduction to Laser treatment for the skin (Laser Therapy) What is Laser therapy for the skin How Laser Therapy […]

Kidney Transplant Patients Face Higher Skin Cancer Risk

People who receive a kidney transplant are nearly four times more likely than the general population to develop melanoma, a […]

Kidney Transplant Patients Face Higher Cancer Risk

People who receive a kidney transplant are nearly four times more likely to develop melanoma, a rare but deadly form […]

Slight rise in cancer risk seen with atopic dermatitis

A new study has found slightly increased risks of several types of cancer among patients with atopic dermatitis. But the […]

Laser therapy effective in blanching port-wine stain birthmarks

Pulsed-dye laser therapy is effective in blanching most port-wine stain birthmarks, according to a report in the September/October Archives of […]

Patients Treated With Respect More Likely To Follow Medical Advice

Attention doctors: Want patients to follow your advice? Treat them with dignity, a Johns Hopkins study has found. In a […]

Researchers Discover Why Melanoma Is So Malignant

About 60,000 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma this year, says the American Cancer Society, and 10,000 of those cases […]