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Acne, Milk And The Iodine Connection

Dermatologists seem to agree that something in milk and dairy products may be linked to teen-age acne. But is it […]

Arguments dramatically slow wound healing

The stress a married couple experiences during a 30-minute argument can delay their bodies’ ability to heal a wound by […]

“Solarscan” differentiates melanoma from benign lesions

An automated dermoscopy image analysis instrument (SolarScan; Polartechnics Ltd) is accurate enough to serve as an “expert second opinion” in […]

Risk of skin cancer increased in rheumatoid arthritis patients

The risk of non-melanoma skin cancer is increased in rheumatoid arthritis patients, especially those that use prednisone and tumor necrosis […]

Breakthrough in melanoma treatment

A world first clinical trial has found that radiation therapy following lymph node surgery can dramatically reduce the recurrence of […]

School sun study shows reduced melanoma risk for children who cover-up

An Australian study of childhood sun exposure has shown that children who stayed indoors during peak UV periods and who […]

Cancer Council calls for tighter regulation of solarium industry

Too many solarium operators are flouting safe practices and putting their customers at risk of skin cancer, according to The […]

Familial and non-familial melanomas are similar

There are no great differences between familial and sporadic melanomas in biologic behavior or patient outcome, researchers report in the […]

Drug Breakthrough For Psoriasis Sufferers

An international team led by a dermatologist at The University of Manchester has found that treatment with the emerging drug […]

Study Identifies Risk Factors For Multiple Melanoma Skin Cancer

Patients with a family history of multiple melanoma skin cancer are at increased risk of multiple primary melanomas, according to […]