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Skin colour

Human skin colour tone information about skin pigment melanin in white and dark skin.
Doctor with cancer patient

Cancer pain

What is cancer pain? Types of cancer pain Treatment of cancer pain Presentation by Dr Dean on cancer pain What […]

Boys Face Greater Burns Risk Than Girls, Says New Research

Boys are almost twice as likely as girls to burn themselves and children under three face particular risks, according to […]

Counseling Children about Skin Cancer Important, But Rarely Done

More pediatricians should counsel children and their parents about preventing skin cancer, according to dermatology researchers from Wake Forest University […]

Indoor Tanning Contributes To Increased Incidence Of Skin Cancer

According to a 2005 survey conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, 92 percent of the respondents understood that getting […]

Stopping The Clock: Genetics Of Tumor Latency In Skin Cancer

Dr. Anthony E. Oro and colleagues (Stanford University) have identified two key Gli protein degradation signals that directly affect tumor […]

Smoking Associated With Severity Of Psoriasis

Cigarette smoking is associated with the clinical severity of the skin disease psoriasis, and both smoking and obesity are more […]
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Allergy and the immune system

Allergy is an exaggerated immune reaction to a usually harmless substance like pollen. Uncontrolled inflammatory and other allergic responses damage cells.

Langerhans Cells Regulate Immune Reactions In The Skin

Researchers at Yale School of Medicine have demonstrated that Langerhans cells in the skin, which had been thought to alert […]
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Cancer Screening

Breast cancer screening, colon cancer screening, lung cancer screening