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Stretchy sensors can detect deadly gases and UV radiation

Wearable sensor patches that detect UV radiation and toxic gases such as hydrogen and nitrogen dioxide have been created at […]

Making a difference to the lives of children with burn injuries

A passion to provide high quality care to children recovering from burn injuries is what drives occupational therapist Debra Phillips […]

Vitamin B3 treatment could cut $500m skin cancer bill

A year of treatment with nicotinamide, a form of vitamin B3, significantly lowered the risk of common, non-melanoma skin cancer […]

Transient microorganisms (hands)

Transient microorganisms are bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microscopic organisms that contaminate the hands when they are dirty. Unlike resident […]

Resident microorganisms (hands)

Resident microorganisms are healthy bacteria and other microscopic organisms that live on the skin of the hands and play a […]

GP Q/A: What is causing my skin to itch?

Reader question Hi Dr Joe, I have had type 2 diabetes for over 15 years and am slowly addressing my […]

Food in skincare products linked to development of allergies

Firstly goat milk and now oats have been revealed as allergenic ingredients in skin care products in a latest study […]

Aspirin to improve leg ulcers

Researchers are looking at whether aspirin can improve the healing rates of leg ulcers in older adults. The team, led […]

Australia leads world in skin cancer incidence but lacks reporting

Research published this week in the Australasian Journal of Dermatology confirms that Australia has the highest incidence of skin cancers […]

Text messages a new tool in the fight to prevent skin cancer

Australians’ love affair with mobile phones could save their life according to a joint QUT, Cancer Council Queensland and University […]