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Immune breakthrough: unscratching poison ivy’s rash

We all know that a brush with poison ivy leaves us with an itchy painful rash. A breakthrough finding from […]

Breakthrough in understanding Parkinson’s disease

Research from The University of Queensland could lead to a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease, with future potential applications to nearly 50 […]

Promising results for synthetic skin

Dermal substitution (artificial skin) plays an important role in wound reconstruction after deep burns and injuries, providing a temporary seal […]


Generic Name: Nivolumab Product Name: Opdivo Indication What is Opdivo used for Opdivo is used to treat advanced melanoma in […]

Epirubicin ACT

Generic Name: Epirubicin hydrochloride Product Name: Epirubicin ACT Indication This medicine is used to treat the following types of cancer: […]

Genes a major cause of inflammatory diseases

A global study involving 50 different research centres has found hundreds of genes which cause five common, hard-to-treat and debilitating […]

Choosing wisely: how to treat acne with antibiotics

Skin experts are warning that people with acne should be considering a combination of treatments for the most effective way […]

Burn recovery improved by water cooling

Providing 20 to 25 minutes of water cooling as standard first aid can significantly reduce the likelihood of wound repair […]

Short film captures tragic life with Lyme disease

Imagine suffering with a disease some medical professionals say is non-existent in Australia. This is the reality for Karen New […]

Mass drug administration shown to effectively control scabies

In a world-first study, treatment of a whole community with ivermectin has been shown to virtually eliminate scabies, reducing prevalence […]